Friday, May 13, 2005


Food for thought: Moms, neither soccer nor security

Remember when "soccer moms" became "security moms," reactionary warmongerers bent on defeating terrorist evildoers? Well, an accused Canadian "soccer mom" takes aim at the mainstream media and, in particular, the Urban Dictionary:
Soccer mom: "Suburban mother with 2.3 kids with hollow disciplines and automaton husbands with slowly diminishing spirits;" "an American bourgeois woman of the post baby-boom generation who, instead of reaping the benefits of the sexual revolution that her foremothers and sisters fought so hard for, sold out to the new patriarchy which promised stability in the form of white suburban neighborhoods, SUVs, drive-through Starbucks and yearly trips on Carnival Cruise lines."And reclaims motherhood on its own authority:
"This was about defending motherhood as something far more complex, and yes, even more hip, than any "soccer mom" label could ever suggest...So if, when [my kids] get a bit older, they want to play soccer, I'll encourage them. And when you see me on the sidelines cheering them on, please don't call me a "soccer mom." But a "mother"? That would be just perfect.

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