Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Mea culpa, or it sure seemed possible

Well, shit. The linguistic creationism stuff I posted about the other day was, um, a joke. On second read, it's pretty embarrassing to think I didn't see that. But was it such a leap to think that famous linguists were packing up for Kansas to testify? After all, the idea of "intelligent design" is real, and language constitues part of this debate. So too, by the way, are the next wave of creationism hearings themselves. They could use an aggressive bunch of generative grammarians down there. Anyway, I've been had in this way before (check out God Made Kitty at the Creationism Science Fair). But this creationism stuff is just so far out that anything seems possible (come on, you know you believed it!). To the question What's the matter with Kansas? if find myself thinking: Anything is possible. And in this space of endless possibility I find myself reaching new heights.A sincere thanks to Language Log for not singling me out for being a sucker as they did so many others. Still, their salt-in-the-wound satire about Chomsky testifying before the Board is a must read.

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