Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Painful TV

While checking out the must-see-TV going on at C-SPAN, where Frist and company are melting away in their own arguments, I came across this gem from the "Talking Points Memo Document Collection." The document, produced by the Republican Senate Conference advises:
Do not refer to the "nuclear option" - it should be called the constitutional option." Note: it isn't the "constitutional option." But it should be called such.Honesty is nice.While I'm on my Josh kick, see his masterful post on the slight of hand cum spiritual crisis the republicans are enduring in pushing their arguments. Bill Frist looks pained, like he's backed up or something.Also, check out Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns and Money who asks: "Can't they even tell plausible lies anymore?" No, Scott. They can't. Their first mistake was actually referring to the Constitution, a document with which Republicans appear to be deeply unfamiliar.Poor fools. It's painful to watch.

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